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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Congress mum on Karuna's eulogy

DELHI: When the short-lived Chandrashekhar government, supported in business office by
Congress, was in powerfulness at the Centre, Meter Karunanidhi was dismissed as chief
minister for DMK's alleged link with LTTE. That was on January 30,
1990. Eight old age later, the
United Presence authorities drop in March, 1998, after United States Congress demanded that the
coalition evict DMK curates from the Iodine Kelvin Gujral ministry after the Jain
Commission's interim study said that the Karunandhi authorities had passed on
sensitive information to
LTTE. In its 1998 manifesto,
Congress said, "LTTE could not have got killed Rajiv Indira Gandhi without the support and
assistance it received from the DMK-led authorities and a subdivision of the
leadership." Another nine old age on, United States United States Congress refused to criticise Karuna-nidhi,
now in his 5th stretch as main minister, after he composed a verse form praising LTTE
leader and practical figure two, Second Phosphorus Thamilselvan, who died in an air foray over
Killinocchi in North Sri Lanka. "These are his personal views," party
spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan said in reaction to Karunanidhi's
lament. Could United States Congress take a
disengaged position of a major ally eulogising a leader of a banned terrorist
organisation? "We are still calling for the penalty of those responsible for
the decease of Rajiv Gandhi... I don't wish to state more. I have got stated the position of
the United States Congress party," she
maintained. As a Tamil Nadu
politician, Natarajan is well acquainted with fortune surrounding Rajiv's
assassination. But exigencies of alliance political relation have got gagged Congress. There
is a crisp sense of embarrassment in the political party over Karuna-nidhi's open
disregard for Congress's sentiments. All the more than so as it is evident that the
dead LTTE leader was no "moderate dove" as the DMK head looks to regard
him. Thamilselvan was a
dyed-in-the-wool Tiger with an bosom cognition of LTTE's military and funding
operations. The meeting that took topographic point in a safe house last Saturday was part
of a regular interaction of senior LTTE commanding officers in which supplies, funding
and tactics were reviewed. His propinquity to Volt Prabhakaran, chief accused in the
Rajiv case, is beyond doubt. Sri Lankan studies take a firm stand he knew of the operation
to kill Rajiv. In fact,
Thamilselvan was fielded by LTTE to deny its function in Rajiv's character assassination after
the late Anton Balasingham, the outfit's international face, had said, "I would
say it is a great tragedy, a monumental historical calamity for which we deeply
regret and phone call upon the authorities of Republic Of Republic Of India and people of India to be
magnanimous to set the past
behind." Thamilselvan had said
LTTE never had a manus in the killing. Yet, United States Congress have been forced
to tip-toe around Karunanidhi. Senior political party leadership take a firm stand that DMK's command to
play the Tamil "sentiment" will not derive any traction. But United States Congress depends on DMK to
remain in powerfulness at the Centre and have no options in Tamil Nadu. It have to
suffer the mortificaton of AIADMK head Joule Jayalalitha doing the occupation of
chastising DMK.

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