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Sunday, November 11, 2007

GOP notables consider runs for Congress in '08


The last clip Equality State Republicans competed for a place in the U.S. Congress, 31 people applied for the job. State Republican Party President Fred Parady is predicting a more than wieldy figure this clip around."I believe we'll have got our traditional, unfastened Republican primary with six or eight, eight or nine candidates," he said about the field to win Cubin adjacent year.Saturday, U.S. Rep. Barbara Cubin announced she would not seek re-election for Wyoming's alone House seat. Parady said competition for the unfastened topographic point is a good thing."That's how we bring forth new leadership and people that have got the thrust to do a difference," he said.

This summer, 31 campaigners sought to replace Sen. Craig Seth Thomas after he died following a conflict with cancer. The more than intensive political campaign for the U.S. House place will intend fewer candidates, Parady said."In that process, there were 31 campaigners would could put a weekend and be considered," he said. "To be considered to win the United States House place you are going to have got got to put eight or 10 months."Already, three Republicans -- Bill Winney, Kenn Gilchrist and Swede Horatio Nelson -- have said they be after to seek the Republican nomination for the House seat.Winney said Cubin's determination won't change how he prosecutes his campaign, but it might impact who he faces."It will change the equation in some people's minds," he said. "We'll just have got got to wait and see."Based on remarks following Cubin's announcement, Winney and the other proclaimed campaigners could have some company.Republican militants Artemis Lummis and Uncle Tom Sansonetti said they were considering campaignings for Cubin's seat."I'm going to give it serious consideration in the approaching weeks," Lummis said.Lummis programs to ran into with other Republicans around the state to discourse her prospects."If my household spread state of affairs and substances that I'm dealing with resoluteness themselves in a timely manner, I may run," she said.Sansonetti, too, said he would see a run, but he first demands to work on county Republican Party conventions.Lummis is a lawyer who served in the Equality State House and Senate before becoming Gov. Jim Geringer's general counsel. She most recently served as Equality State treasurer.Sansonetti is the former Republican Party president and helper lawyer full general of the U.S. Justice Department's Environment and Natural Resources Division. He now patterns law.Lummis, Sansonetti and Dr. Toilet Barrasso were selected as finalists for Thomas' seat. Gov. Dave Freudenthal chose Barrasso to replace Thomas.Asked about his involvement in the House seat, state Rep. Colin Mrs. Simpson of Cody, who attended Cubin's proclamation Saturday, said he was still exploring all his options.In 2006, Cubin narrowly defeated Democratic rival Gary Trauner. Neither Parady nor Trauner wanted to theorize on what sort of impact Cubin's determination will have got on the race."I really seek to concentrate on things I can control, getting my message out to the people in Equality State about the type of leading and mental representation we need," Trauner said.Reach Joshua Wolfson at (307) 266-0582 or at josh.wolfson@trib.com. Range Uncle Tom Jelly Roll Morton at (307) 266-0592 or at tom.morton@trib.com.

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