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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nandigram echo at Congress meet

NEW DELHI: Despite a palpable
uneasiness in the United States Congress encampment about needling the Left over the Nandigram
mayhem, the issue made its manner into the deliberations at the AICC session on
Saturday. Under pressure level from its West Bengal unit, the political party blamed
the Marxist state authorities in the political declaration for allowing lawlessness to
prevail in the troubled area. It "noted with concern the grave state of affairs in
Nandigram where the judicial writ of the state authorities looks to have got ceased to run". United States Congress "condemns the civilization of force and the cult of armed
cadres â€" all this is the natural result of a system where the interests
of political party cells are placed above the involvements of the people at large, and the
law and order machinery is not allowed to work professionally." The resolution, however, carefully refrained from naming the
political party. Perhaps the paragraph in the drawn-out declaration would have got gone
unnoticed but for a vernal political political party member from Bengal regretting the party
leadership's inability to concentrate on the force allow loose by the Marxist
cadres. "Soniaji, you travel everywhere to stand up by the victims â€"
from Cashmere to Godhra, why don't you see Nandigram," asked Subhankar Sarkar,
a former state Young Person United States Congress head said. Sarkar's little address in the afternoon
slog hr after the senior leadership spoke suddenly raised the temperature at the
session. He lamented his party's vacillation to pick up an issue
which had begun drawing the attending of the world. Once he put the tone,
Sarkar's co-workers from the state were on the cue. Manas Bhuian and Deepa
Dasmunsi took their bends in assailing the Marxist rules of Bengal.

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