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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pelosi: 'Given His Dismal Record, President Bush in No Position to Lecture Congress About Fiscal Responsibility'

WASHINGTON, Nov. Thirteen /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Speaker Nancy Pelosi
released the followers statement today in response to a address in Indiana
this afternoon by President Shrub in which he compared United States United States Congress to "a
teenager with a new recognition card." Below the Speaker's statement is a fact
sheet comparing the President and Congress' financial records. "If President Shrub applied for a recognition card, any depository financial institution in United States would
turn him down as a bad recognition risk. He have set more than foreign debt on the
nation's recognition card than all former Presidents combined - saddling our
children and grandchildren with $3.3 trillion in new debt. "At the same time, President Shrub have compiled one of the worst records
of occupation creative activity since the Great Depression while American households saw
their incomes driblet by $2,500. "Given his dingy record of maxing out America's recognition card, the
President is no place to talk United States Congress about financial duty or
economic policy. "The New Direction Congress' new investings in college affordability,
energy independence, children's wellness care, and taxation cuts for middle-class
families are fully paid for - with no new shortage spending. The American
people desire President Shrub to work with United States Congress to reconstruct the American
Dream." November 13, 2007 setting THE record STRAIGHT:
Democratic United States Congress Brings Fiscal Duty Back to Washington Today, President Shrub continued to mislead the American people -
misrepresenting the Democratic-led Congress' record on fiscal
responsibility in an effort to befog the past six old age of reckless
spending. The American people aren't buying this revisionist history - they
want to cognize just where will the President be when the measure come ups owed on
our children and grandchildren? Shrub and Republicans Rack Up Record Debt on Nation's Recognition Card: From 2001 through 2006, President Shrub and the Republican-led Congress
presided over the most fiscally irresponsible time period in American history. Under President Bush, record surpluses turned into record shortages and the
national debt have increased 56 percent. The President have raised the debt
limit FIVE modern times since January 2001 - most recently just this past
September. Alan Greenspan, Former Federal Soldier Modesty Chairman "My greatest defeat remained the president's unwillingness to wield
his veto against out-of-control spending...The Republicans in United States Congress lost
their way...They swapped rule for power. They ended up with neither."
[Washington Post, 9/15/07 2451.html?hpid=topnews ] Fiscal Duty Record under New Direction Congress Under the Democratic-controlled Congress, the House have passed all 12
appropriations measures with bipartizan ballots as portion of our five-year
balanced budget. The President have threatened to blackball nearly every 1 of
these disbursement bills. Just this morning, he vetoed the bipartisan, fiscally
responsible Labor-HHS-Education appropriations measure that included crucial
funding for veterans. Joint Statement: Capital Of New Hampshire Coalition, Center for Budget and Policy
Priorities, Committee for Economic Development, and Committee for a
Responsible Federal Soldier Budget "In urging attachment to PAYGO, which necessitates that any additions in
entitlement disbursement and any taxation cuts be countervail rather than deficit
financed, we observe that United States Congress have been very careful to follow with the
rule so far this year... We therefore strongly urge on United States Congress to continue
its record of conformity with PAYGO as it completes its of import work this
year." [Statement, 10/30/07
] The Economist "For instance, they [Democrats] have got got instituted "pay-go" rules, which
mean that any new disbursement must be fully funded; and they have stuck to
them. Belatedly (to set it mildly), the disposal have realised that it
has lost the mantle of sound economical direction to the Democrats. [October
20, 2007]

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